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Vadilal Industries Ltd

Is India’s second largest ice cream company,
with a wide range of frozen desserts and massive brand awareness throughout the country.

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One of the
Biggest Challenges

Perceived as a massy brand, while the client wanted to establish its identity as a gourmet brand as well.
There was little to no engagement on the Vadilal page.
The brand received no orders via Zomato.


We changed the treatment of the creatives to break the massy perception & get people to see it as a premium brand. This wasn’t just limited to social media; we suggested a revamp of the packaging to bring out the classy aspect Instead of targeting audiences all over India, we targeted specific regions, which helped us reach the specific audience we wished to reach out to.
We incorporated the “know more” icon on the Facebook page which redirected to Zomato, garnering us more traction there.
The Vadilal stores were listed on Google permanently Ephemeral content was utilized to its full potential, be it Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat stories.


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  • The brand received consistent orders on Zomato.
  • Organic reach increased to 10,000 on average.
  • 300 Vadilal stores were listed on google maps.
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  • Engagement rate has grown by 400%.
  • Successful transition from massy to premium was achieved.
  • Average reach per story is 20,000 (Facebook).